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We have two types of diving, Fun diving and Educational diving.

If you want to enjoy diving at Cebu simply, you should choose “Fun diving” or If you want to get diving licenses, you should choose “Educational diving”.

Fun Diving Course Number of Diving Price
Beach Dive 1 Dive 1,100PHP
Additional Beach Dive 1 Dive 1,000PHP
Boat Dive 2 Dives 2,500PHP
Educational Diving Course Duration Price
Discover Scuba Dive 1 Dive 2,000PHP
Scuba Review Dive 1 Dive 2,000PHP
EAN Speciality 1 Day 4,500PHP
Open Water 4 Days 12,000PHP
Advanced Open Water 2 Days 10,000PHP
Emergency First Response 1 Day 6,500PHP
Rescue Diver 3 Days 18,500PHP
Dive Master 2-3 Weeks 43,000PHP
  • All our diving are included all gears and towels ,so what all you need is only swim wear. 
  • From “Open water license” you have free shuttle service from Ayala to our shop.

Fun Diving

fun diving

We can handle from beginners to professionals through “Fun Diving”.

Don’t worry. Everybody can do this diving even if you don’t have any kind of diving licenses. We have our own boat for diving, so you can do boat diving.

Ofcourse you can do “Beach Diving”.

fun price

Educational Diving

educational diving

You can get diving licenses at scuba world in Cebu.

educational price
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