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About SK Divers Center

Welcome to SK Divers Center

Your gateway to the enchanting underwater world of Malapascua Island, Philippines. Established in 2010, SK Divers Center has been a prominent presence in two of the Philippines' premier dive locations – Lapu-Lapu City and the renowned Malapascua Island.

Our mission at SK Divers Center goes beyond providing exceptional diving experiences; we are committed to shaping passionate ambassadors for marine conservation. Our team of experienced diving instructors boasts a wealth of skills and expertise, holding various certifications and dedicating themselves to the protection of marine resources. We are not just instructors; we are advocates, fostering a community that values and safeguards our oceans.

Our Three Pillars

Experience: With a decade of operation in Cebu, we have cultivated a wealth of experience in showcasing the breathtaking underwater landscapes that this region has to offer. From vibrant coral gardens to encounters with majestic marine life, our dive experiences are crafted to leave a lasting imprint on your memory.

Technique: Safety and skill are at the forefront of our operations. Our team of skilled instructors is dedicated to providing you with top-notch training, whether you're a novice or an experienced diver seeking advanced certifications. We prioritize technique and proficiency, ensuring that every dive is conducted with precision and adherence to safety standards.

Knowledge: Education is key to fostering a deeper connection with the underwater world. Our instructors not only guide you through the technical aspects of diving but also share their passion for marine ecosystems. Understanding the importance of ocean conservation and the delicate balance of marine life is an integral part of our training programs.

For over a decade, SK Divers Center has been synonymous with good, safe, and fun diving in Cebu. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the smiles of our satisfied customers who have graciously shared their experiences on Google Reviews. Explore the testimonials on SK Divers Center and discover firsthand the impact our diving adventures have had on others.

Discover SK Divers Center: Your Gateway to Malapascua Island Diving Adventures

Scuba Kings is the first shop to be opened on the north side of Malapascua Island. In 2021, we made the decision to establish a new location in Malapascua with the goal of supporting the local community and developing the north side of the island.

Getting to SK Divers from Cebu City is straightforward. From Mactan Airport, you can take a white taxi to the North Bus Terminal located in SM City Mall. At the terminal, you have two transportation options: taking a bus or using van services. Both will head to the town of Maya at the north end of Cebu Island. From Maya, you will embark on a 30-minute boat ride to Malapascua Island.

Arriving on the Island

Malapascua Island is small, and there are no cars available for transportation. The primary mode of transportation is the local motorcycle taxi, which costs 50 pesos from any point on the island. This fare is fixed, and there is no need to negotiate. You can take the taxi to SK Divers located at Lighthouse Bay.

Join us at SK Divers Center, where each dive is an opportunity to explore, learn, and contribute to the preservation of our oceans. Let us be your partners in creating unforgettable underwater memories.