We have two types of diving, Fun diving and Educational diving.

If you want to enjoy diving at Cebu simply, you should choose “Fun diving” or If you want to get diving licenses, you should choose “Educational diving”.


Fun Dives

Prices 1 Fun Diver 2 Fun Divers 3 Fun Divers and Above
2 Boat Dives 7000PHP 4000PHP per diver 3600PHP per diver
3 dives 2 boat dives 1 night dive 8400PHP 5400PHP per diver 4800PHP per diver
5 dives , 2 days 4 boat dives, one night dive 15300PHP 9200PHP per diver 8400PHP per diver
1 Beach Dive 1300PHP 1300PHP 1300PHP
1 Night Dive 1500PHP 1500PHP 1500PHP
  • Prices include scuba gear and sanctuary fees

Dive Courses

Educational Diving Course Duration Price
Discover Scuba Dive 1 Dive 3,500PHP
Scuba Review 1 Dive 3,000PHP
Open Water 4 Days 17,000PHP
Advanced Open Water 2 Days 15,000PHP
Emergency First Response 1 Day 8,500PHP
Rescue Diver 3 Days 22,500PHP
Speciality 1 Dive 8,000PHP
Divemaster 2-3 Weeks 55,000PHP
Internship program 6 months 25,000PHP
Volunteer program 3 months 50,000PHP
IDC 2 Weeks 100,000PHP